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Workshop (network Project)

Workshop (network Project)
Second semester
Audiovisual Creation Techniques
Main language of instruction: Spanish

Teaching staff

By agreement with the teacher


As the name of the subject indicates, Proyecto en Red, focuses on a work that students will develop throughout the semester.

They will have to carry out their own project online, in groups of 4/6 people.

The projects can be very varied and will be analyzed with the teacher before starting up: blogs, actions on social networks, videos, 360º, etc. Each week the teacher will contribute theory to make each of the projects grow and every fifteen days the groups must overcome the challenge proposed by the teacher.

Pre-course requirements

Computer in classroom is required for the development of the course and prior knowledge of computer user level.


The aim of the course is that students check how to grow a project in the network, it can analyze all the variables:

- Proposed themes

- Name Selection

- Tickets, selection of images in photo libraries, links to other articles, etc.

- Use of social networks in the benefit of own blog (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn)

- Knowledge of the use of social networks in the business world.

- The application of dayketing and other content management tools (Inboud Marketing).

- Advertising on the network and its differences with conventional advertising.

- Creativity in other countries in the Internet environment.


  • 03 - The ability to plan personal resources (personnel, materials, seasonal...)
  • 06 - The ability to act autonomously and responsibly
  • 07 - The ability to work in a group
  • 24 - The ability to plan and carry out audio visual and cinematographic projects
  • 42 - The ability to understand and apply the techniques and methods of film editing and post production
  • 48 - The ability to understand and apply the expressive possibilities of new technologies
  • 54 - The ability to design and critique original and viable content
  • 56 - The ability to design and critique different forms of film and video
  • 58 - Knowledge and mastery of the static image and its ability to communicate
  • 74 - Knowledge and mastery of multimedia messages
  • 84 - The ability and capacity to create and carry out graphic elements
  • 87 - The ability and capacity to use technology and communicative techniques
  • 90 - The ability of insight, ingenuity and creativity

Learning outcomes

The result is a thorough job, with track that leads students to overcome the challenges Biweekly are proposed on creating your own blog.


1. Internet

2. Google and its business model (SEO / SEM)

3. Blogs

4. Social networks

a. Facebook

b. Instagram

c. Twitter

d. Pinterest

e. LinkedIn

f. Snapchat

5. Social networks in business

6. Internet advertising

7. Youtube

8. The QR codes and other new technologies

9. The content marketing

Teaching and learning activities

In person

The methodology is based on bi-weekly challenges for each blog. In addition, each week the theoretical session to be applied in your personal blog crecimeinto is taught.


Each month features a visit from a prestigious professional commenting issues about what is working:

- Recognition Bloguero

- Creative interactive marketing

- Steering Internet company

- Repsonsable digital marketing

Peer learning. The aim of this activity is to ensure that students gain the ability to analyse and be critical. One way of achieving this is by correcting their peers' exercises and results, etc. Each student will be evaluated twice: as both a recipient and a transmitter of critical knowledge.
Lectures. In lectures, lecturers/professors not only transmit content or knowledge, but also, and above all else, attitudes, motivation, skills and values, etc. They also ensure that participants can express their opinions and arguments to the other students.
Coaching. Monitoring how students learn the content of the subject, either individually or in groups. In the coaching sessions, mistakes will be corrected, queries answered, and exercises and activities to achieve the established objectives will be suggested.
Workshop. Advanced and intensive workshops of a longer duration, led by lecturers and/or foreign professionals, in which the language used is English. These culminate in the creation of a professional or semi-professional product which is also produced in English.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

60% Note: Depending on the challenges overcome in creating your own blog

40% Note: End of course exam