Luis Maria
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Basic Areas
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Academic curriculum of Dr. DELGADO GAROÑA, Luis Maria

  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
    National University of Ireland, Galway (2018).
  • Ingeniero Técnico Industrial especialidad Mecánica
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2008).
  • Ingeniero de Materiales
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2011).
  • LAST Certificate
    LAST-Ireland, Trinity College Dublin (2012).

Publications of Dr. DELGADO GAROÑA, Luis Maria


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Book chapters

  • Fontana, G.; Delgado, Lm; Cigognini, D., 14/04/2018, "Biologically Inspired Materials in Tissue Engineering", Extracellular Matrix for Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials. Humana Press, Springer, 113-147.

Projects and research of Dr. DELGADO GAROÑA, Luis Maria

  • OTRIs FEDER 2014-2020.
  • Biomaterials per la regeneració de teixits.

RDI no competitiu of Dr. DELGADO GAROÑA, Luis Maria

  • Estudio determinación de la liberación de iones metálicos desde la interfase cuello-vástago femoral en la artroplastia total de cadera con cuello modular.
  • In Vitro Evaluation of a Biofilm Formation and Effectiveness of Clorhexidine 0.12% on Different Implant Surfaces.
  • Thermal-cycling aging and stability assessment of Trinia CAD/CAM by Bicon.
  • Protocolo eficacia de corte de fresas de diamante sobre circonio.
  • Cutting Efficiency of Diamond Burs in Zirconia.
  • Development of metallic scaffolds for bone defects.