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Teacher profile

Communication Sciences, Faculty of Communication Sciences. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya


2010 Master’s Degree in Advanced Typography. Taught by several teachers, Eina (School of Design and Art).

1990 Degree in Graphic. Several professors, Llotja (Superior School of Design and Art of Barcelona).

1992 1st and 2nd courses of the Higher Degree in Humanities, UPF (University of Pompeu Fabra).

Professional experience

2018 Currently. We are la rusa. Founder and Art Director of We are la Rusa, a studio that provides art direction and photography services focused on contemporary still life.

2015 Currently. TwoPoints.Net. I am part of the TwoPoints.Net team, a German/Spanish design studio specialized in Flexible Visual Identities and Editorial Design, which works for international clients (ADI-FAD, CCCB, Museu Picasso, Nesta, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Uniqlo, Viction:ary, Vodaphone, Phaidon). Within the TwoPoints.Net structure I manage the Barcelona office.

2015 2018. Espluga+Associates. Collaborator, conceptualizing and formalizing different branding projects.

2015 2018. Summa Branding. External collaborator of Summa (conceptualizing and formalizing different branding projects).

2015 2017. BrandDream. Part of BranDream’s creative network, a network focused on communication and branding. Developing Concept Creation, Art Direction and Graphic Design.

2009 2016. Ludwik. Founding partner of Ludwik Visual Communication studio focused on Branding and Corporate Identity projects, Websites, Packaging, Environment Graphics, Publications, Editorial Design and Advertising.

2008 2009. HC Barcelona. Creative and Art Direction of several advertising campaigns for the Healthcare sector.

2005 2008. Shackleton. Creative and Art Direction of several 360o advertising campaigns for multiple sectors. Incharge/leading a creative team.

1999 2005. TBWA/. Creation and Art Direction of several advertising campaigns for the health sector, as well as different corporate.

1997 1999. Design Society. Design of packaging’s lines and it’s collaterals for food and drinks and retail sector.

1995 1997. Salichs Disseny. Assistant for senior Graphic Designer in a studio focused in Visual Identity and Packaging.

Teaching Experience:

2021 Workshop “One circle. Endless iterations” about Flexible Visual Identities at FFED

2021, event organized by DAG.

2021 Professor of Editorial Design at IUC (International University of Catalonia).

2020 Professor of Flexible Visual Systems for Visual Identities at IED, European Institute of Design-IED Barcelona, (TwoPoints.Net).

2020 Workshop “Sistemyc typography” at Elisva Design School (with TwoPoints. Net).

2020 Lecture at Selected Spain.

2020 Experimental editorial design Workshop and lecturer of “Variable typography” at Hochschule für Künste Bremen.

2019 Professor of Editorial Design at UIC Barcelona (International University of Catalonia).

2018 Professor and coordinator of Flexible Systems for Flexible Visual Identities’s course at Design Werkstatt.

2017 Professor and coordinator of Swiss Typography and Editorial Project’s course at Design Werkstatt.

2018 Workshop and lecturer of “TyPosters” at IED (European Institute of Design-IED Madrid).

2016 Workshop and lecturer of “TwoPoints’ Kitchen” at the School of Superior Arts of Design in Olot.

2016 Member of the tribunal of the Final Degree Works at Bau (Design College of Barcelona).

2015 Assistant of Martin Lorenz in his doctoral dissertation “Visual systems in Dynamic Identities” defended at UAB (University of Barcelona).