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Biomaterials per a la Regeneració de Teixits



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Basic Areas, DEPARTMENT OF BASIC SCIENCIES. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Academic curriculum
  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Ingeniero Técnico Industrial especialidad Mecánica Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Ingeniero de Materiales Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Laboratory Animal Science Training - LAST Certificate LAST-Ireland, Trinity College Dublin


Doctorado in Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicin, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, GALWAY
Diplomat Enginyer Tècnic- Industrial Especialitat Mecànica UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA, UPC

Professional experience

For the last decade, Dr Luis Delgado has been constantly exposed to research in the biomedical field looking for bridging the gap between research and real clinical scenarios to improve the quality of life of patients.

Delgado has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (2018) supervised by Dr Dimitrios Zeugolis from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Previously, he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering (2008) and another degree in Material Science (2011) from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Nowadays, he is a researcher at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya since September 2016.

During his first degree, Delgado worked part-time at the wound healing division of Paul Hartmann SA (2006-2008) and, meanwhile, he started his research as undergraduate on biopolymers for peripheral nerve regeneration at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC, 2007-2008), work awarded by CETIB (2008). Then, Delgado started to work on metal surface modifications and medical devices characterisation at the Biomaterials group of the UPC (2008-2012). In 2012, he moved to the Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM) in order to work with Prof Zeugolis and Prof Pandit on the topic of biomaterials immunomodulation (2012-2015), where he obtained his doctoral degree. Then, he worked for a year at Phibo Dental Solutions and CAD/CAM (2015-2016) developing medical devices production lines (such as metal milling, 3D printing and titanium surface modification) while assuring their quality standards.

Regarding the training capacity, Dr Delgado is currently teaching some course of mechanics, biomedical design and 3D printing in the Bioengineering degree at UIC Barcelona. Moreover, he supervised two PhD students and several Final Year Students. He is currently supervising two PhD students.

Overall, this experience has given him the opportunity to work in the field of collagen-based devices, bone regeneration, hernia and wound devices and dental implants surfaces. Some successful examples of technologies which have reached the market are type I collagen solutions (Vornia Biomaterials, 2013), an osteoinductive surface of a dental implant (Klockner Contact Ti, 2016), a dental implant system (Phibo Aurea Evo, 2016) and patterned surfaces to improve soft tissue integration of dental implants (Klockner & awarded by SOCIEMAT 2011). Another success example is an electrospun mesh for hernia applications developed in the Green Nano Mesh (FP7 funded project) with the collaboration of Proxy Biomedical. Moreover, Delgado has established a permanent communication with medical device companies (Zimmer Biomet, Proxy Biomedical, Bien-Air...) and hospitals (Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Clinica Universitaria de Navarra...) for the assessment of medical devices in terms of the inflammatory response and the in vivo response.

In summary, Dr Delgado has published 32 papers, has participated in 7 competitive grants and 5 non-competitive grants, has leaded 4 non-competitive grants as principal investigator and had and h-index of 17 and AQU-Catalunya accreditation as Lecturer and Associate since 2018 and 2022, respectively. Moreover, he has shown the capacity of mentoring PhD candidates and undergraduates.


Book chapters
  • Fontana, G.; Delgado, LM; Cigognini, D., (14/04/2018), "Biologically Inspired Materials in Tissue Engineering", Extracellular Matrix for Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, pp. 113-147, Humana Press, Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-77021-5.

Projects and research

  • Nova Medicació intraconducte a Endodòncia14/09/2022 - 30/03/2024
    IP: Durán-Sindreu Terol, F; González, J.A.
    Agencia de Gestió d'ajudas Universitaries Investigació (AGAUR)
  • Creating a virtual laboratory for online teaching (CVL4OT)01/03/2021 - 28/02/2023
    IP: Perez, R.
    Programa ERASMUS +
  • Matrices terapéuticas impresas en 3D basadas en sílice que mimetizan los procesos de regeneración del hueso01/07/2019 - 30/06/2022
    IP: Perez, R.
    Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades
  • IAPAC - Promoure el desenvolupament tecnològic, la innovació i una investigació de qualitat 2014-202001/01/2017 - 31/12/2020
    IP: Carbó, O.
    Unión Europea Fondos FEDER
  • Biomaterials per la regeneració de teixits01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019
    IP: Perez, R.
    Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Green Nano Mesh01/06/2011 - 31/05/2015
    IP: Zeugolis, D.
    European Commission
  • Biofunctionalized surfaces for tissue repair and regeneration01/10/2009 - 30/09/2012
    IP: Manero, J.
  • Immediat-Os. Implantes dentales de carga inmediata con superficies osteo-inductivas y sellado bio01/06/2009 - 31/05/2012
    IP: Idelsohn, S.
    Unión Europea Fondos FEDER; Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Caracterización físico-química y mecánica de diferentes materiales dentales23/02/2022 - 22/02/2023
    IP: Delgado, J.
    Miladental SL
  • Caracterización antibacteriana de nanopartículas01/09/2022 - 31/12/2022
    IP: González, J.A.
    Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Antimicrobial Characterization of poly-amino acid ALD14/02/2022 - 30/09/2022
    IP: Aparicio, C.
    Arradiance LLC
  • Estudio determinación de la liberación de iones metálicos desde la interfase cuello-vástago femoral en la artroplastia total de cadera con cuello modular10/10/2017 - 30/09/2020
    IP: Gil, J.; Delgado, LM
    Palex Medical SA
  • In Vitro Evaluation of a Biofilm Formation and Effectiveness of Clorhexidine 0.12% on Different Implant Surfaces03/02/2017 - 01/07/2019
    IP: Delgado, LM
    Zimmer Biomet
  • Thermal-cycling aging and stability assessment of Trinia CAD/CAM by Bicon01/03/2018 - 29/03/2019
    IP: Delgado, LM; Giner Tarrida, L; Arregui, M.
    Bicon LLC
  • Protocolo eficacia de corte de fresas de diamante sobre circonio09/02/2018 - 08/02/2019
    IP: Giner Tarrida, L; Delgado, LM; Arregui, M.
    Bien Air
  • Cutting Efficiency of Diamond Burs in Zirconia01/10/2016 - 30/09/2017
    IP: Giner Tarrida, L; Arregui, M.
    Coltène Holding
  • Development of metallic scaffolds for bone defects01/04/2011 - 31/03/2014
    IP: Gil, J.
    SOCINSER 21 S.A.


  • European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Ponència "3D Printing Of Sol-Gel Silica-Based Hybrids For Bone Regeneration", 2022.
  • Congreso Nacional de Materiales Ponència "Híbridos de sílica y gelatina desarrollados a baja temperatura para liberación de fármacos y regeneración ósea", 2022.
  • TERMIS World Congress Presentació de poster "Development of a silica-based hybrid ink for 3D printing", 2021.
  • World Biomaterials Congress Ponència "Engineering immunomodulatory matrixes for dual release of ions and drugs for bone regeneration applications", 2020.
  • CONGRESO MUNDIAL DE ESTÉTICA DENTAL. IFED-SEPES Presentació de comunicació "Estudio in vitro sobre la precisión y fractura producida por el ensayo shear bond strength con vástago de carga recto y curvo", 2019.
  • Congreso SEPES (Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatológica) Presentació de comunicació "Estudio in vitro sobre la precisión y la fractura producida por el método shear bond strength con vástago de carga curvo y recto", 2019.
  • European Association for Osseointegration Congress Presentació de poster "Physicochemical properties of various barrier membranes", 2019.
  • European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Presentació de comunicació "Engineering blood vessel like structures: A preliminary study", 2019.
  • Biomed PhD Day Ponència "Therapeutic microcarriers for bone tissue engineering in dentistry", 2019.
  • Biomed PhD Day Ponència "Engineering blood vessel like structures for tissue engineering", 2019.