Student Council

What is it?

The Student Council is a collegiate body made up of one class representative for each degree at the University.

Who chooses the Council members?

The university students choose their class delegates through a democratic voting process.

The delegates for each degree democratically vote for a single representative for each degree. The representative chosen will automatically join the Student Council on their campus as degree spokesperson.

The degree spokespersons will then vote, in democratic manner, for the president, vice-president and secretary of the Council on each campus.

What are its objectives?

The objectives of the Council are to: vitalise university life and act as interlocutor between students and University services by collecting all the ideas, suggestions, proposals, initiatives and concerns which the students of this university may have or would like to undertake.

How do I contact the Council?

If you want to make a proposal to the Council, you can:

  1. Get in touch with the Student Council on your campus by writing to their e-mail account
  2. Get in touch with the council member for your degree (degree spokesperson)
  3. You can make your proposals through your class delegate or the Student Services officer on your campus.


The representatives for UIC Barcelona are:

Student Council on the Barcelona campus 2022-2023

Consell d'Estudiants del Campus Barcelona

President and spokesman

Max Laguarda i Agell
3rd-year Business Administration student

Vice-president and spokesman

Nicolás López Ciria
3rd-year Journalism student

Secretary and spokeswoman

Adriana Homar Mera
3rd-year Film and Media Studies student


Yassine Jeljeli
4th-year Architecture student


Paula Soler Puche
3rd-year Law student


Enric Masclans Planas
3rd-year Humanities and Cultural Studies student


Olivia Piera Catalan
4th-year Advertising and Public Relations student 

Student Council on the Sant Cugat campus 2022-2023

Consell d'Estudiants del Campus Sant Cugat

President and spokeswoman

Elena Sáez Rodríguez
4th-year Denistry student

Vice-president and spokesman

Daniel Torres Suñé
2nd-year Bioengineering student

Secretary and spokeswoman

Josefina Vázquez
3rd-year Psychology student


Maitane Roche Gurruchaga
3rd-year Nursing student


Xavi Jiménez Pareja
6th-year Medicine student


Borja Millán Barañano
4th-year Biomedicine student


Daniel Zegarra Chávez
4th-year Physiotherapy student


Mar Melero Robles
4th-year Primary Education student


Beatriz Vázquez Cerrato
3rd-year Pre-Primary Education student