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UIC Barcelona Forum 2021

In 2015, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which outlined 17 objectives (SDG). This presented the perfect opportunity for all countries and societies to set out towards a future that improves the lives on everyone on our planet, without exception.  

  • How can we build a more human and sustainable society in such a fluid context?
  • A population’s identity: Should it be fixed or opened up to accommodate other cultures? 
  • What will life after COVID-19 look like? Do we know what makes us more human? The need to establish human relationships, to protect the vulnerable, to care for the elderly, to reflect upon the impact individual behaviour has on the rest of society, to respect individual freedom and the need to put social measures in place, etc.
  • What can nature teach us and what does it mean to take care of our home, our planet?
  • Is personal success compatible with peaceful co-existence?
  • Universities and their role in human development, current educational challenges.

These questions, and others, which we all ask ourselves, will be posed at the UIC Barcelona Forum 2021.

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