Artificial intelligence as a business model

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Artificial intelligence is booming. Companies across the board are starting to investigate how they could benefit from incorporating AI technology into their business. But what should we bear in mind when to comes to investing in projects like this?

Ramon Trias, president of AIS, pioneers in the introduction of artificial intelligence in Catalonia and Spain, will join us for this session to discuss how to use AI and related technologies as a business model, and how they can help companies from any sector generate value.

About the speaker:

Ramon Trias is one of the leaders in the introduction of artificial intelligence in our country and a pioneer in the installation of specialised software in the Spanish banking sector. In fact, he was responsible for the automation of credit risk management processes in almost all Spanish financial institutions, thanks to the work carried out by AIS - Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial, founded by him in 1987, and of which he is president.

Prior to launching AIS, Trias worked at Banco Urquijo and Banca Mas Sardà, as well as teaching economics at ESADE Business School.

Today, Trias leads a 100-strong team of professionals at AIS. He specialises in developing decision support systems based ​​on artificial intelligence and business intelligence, not only for the banking sector, but also for a variety of others such as the insurance, industrial, healthcare and retail sectors.

In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Trias is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Catalan Observatory for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.

He has received several awards for his professional achievements. Among them, from the Catalan Society of Economists who named him best business economist in 2010.

About the moderator:

The session will be moderated by Dr Gabriel Fernández Borsot, director of the Observatory on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies (OIANT) and lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona

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