Foros 2022 | The architect as researcher

Davide Zampini + Oriol Carrasco

On 23 February, the next session in the Foros series of lectures, will take place under the title “The architect as researcher”, held at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. The talk will feature Davide Zampini and Oriol Carrasco, who, based on their research experience in the academic and industrial field, will address the importance of research as a space for architectural activity and an area of opportunity for architects. Architect David Masip Vilà will act as moderator. 

Davide Zampini is the director of CEMEX Global R&D research centre based in Switzerland, where he leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers and experts who develop pioneering projects based on the use of new technologies and their application in the field of construction materials. Zampini holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University.

Oriol Carrasco, is a lecturer in Computational Design and Construction at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, from where he graduated with honours from the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and also recently obtained a PhD in Architecture and Engineering. Carrasco has extensive teaching experience in the field of computing and manufacturing and is currently a member of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation for Industrialised and Sustainable Construction (LITEIS). In addition, he coordinates the Department of Computing at IED Barcelona, where he is also a lecturer in Digital Tools and Environments. He is also a researcher at IAAC, within the line of research Design with Nature. 

Foros is an annual lecture series on architecture and urban planning, which this year held under the title “The leap into the void”. This new series calls for self-awareness regarding architecture today in its different aspects and fields of application. As a new feature, the lecture series is introducing a new format based on a two-way dialogue between professionals from the sector who will partake in sessions structured by themes linked to current architectural practice and the challenges facing the sector.

Language: English

Location: Aula Magna lecture theatre at UIC Barcelona (free access until seating capacity is complete)

Time: 7 p.m.

Zoom link

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