Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

The subject entitled Foros forms part of the academic programme of the school and is compulsory for all second- to fifth-year students.

Foros is a distinctive subject and a source of pride for UIC Barcelona School of Architecture and, as its name suggests, is dedicated to debate and reflection on contemporary architectural reality. The main objective of the course is the interchange of knowledge, approaches and contrasting views between students and teachers, a means of focus and perception of the discipline of architecture, a platform for events relating to the theory and criticism of the work of the architect.

Foros through conferences given by nationally and internationally renowned guest lecturers, aims to provoke questions and talk about topical issues as well as reflect and debate matters of vital importance to architects.

This is why the participants, both lecturers and students, are invited to raise questions about the general subject of architecture, whether this concerns something that has a temporary impact or a subject which has profound relevance for the profession. To sum up, this subject is geared towards knowing, understanding, seeing, re-evaluating, contemplating, experimenting with and getting closer to architecture.

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