Commitment to the teaching of Architecture

The teaching approach of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture is to coordinate the teaching staff in order to promote a crossover between subjects and an inter-scaling of projects. To achieve this, the teachers from the various departments come together to organize, prepare and manage the content and objectives of the different courses, with the same goals in mind that can be applied to the architectural project.

In this way the course is divided up in the following manner: during the first five weeks the students are taught the theoretical part of the technical module, “the constructive elements”, at the same time as they start their project courses. Throughout the following five weeks, the student just works exclusively on his project, presenting it to an evaluation panel at the final submission stage (week 10). In order to finalize the project, the students have five more weeks, working with the teachers of the technical module, to define the structures, installation and system of construction, getting as far as the execution stage which is then submitted during the last week of the course (week 15). Not only has this system improved the projects at a design, creative and technical level, but the students learn about working on every stage of the project, from territorial aspects to construction details, always with reference to the same project.