Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Architecture and Innovation at the service of people

Welcome to UIC Barcelona School of ArchitectureUIC Barcelona School of Architecture was the first private school of architecture in Barcelona and after 20 years is a reference point in quality university teaching in this discipline.

The aim of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture is to train architects with a clear international vocation, critical spirit, creative capacities, knowledge of both current and new technologies, people involved with society and prepared to face the challenges of the future.

To achieve this,UIC Barcelona School of Architecture offers its students personalised support in an international environment, teaching architecture as a service to society, fostering creative talent alongside technical skills, generating synergies with the industrialization of the construction sector, and working to give students access to a diverse and international range of work.

Committed to its students, the school offers personal attention and academic assessment throughout the whole course as well as a coaching service to prepare students to enter the professional world.

Committed to societyUIC Barcelona School of Architecture is the only Spanish School of Architecture with compulsory courses in cooperation, sustainability and accessibility. The school also offers Masters and postgraduate courses in these subjects.

Committed to contemporary architecture, not only by promoting close cooperation with the most advanced and innovative sectors of the construction industry, with which the school has established University-Industry Professorships, joint research and technology transfer projects, but also by having teachers within the team who liaise constantly with the professional world.