The Final Degree Project marks the culmination of students theoretical and practical work at the school, and their project defence before a committee represents the moment they enter the professional world.

The Final Degree Project is the final stage in the learning process for students at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. The Final Degree Project is mandatory for 5th year students and involves creating and developing an architectural project based on technical and construction innovation.

Every year, students have to work on a specific topic agreed in conjunction with public institutions (Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Barcelona City Council, the Regional Government of Catalonia). The aim is to defend the role played by architecture schools in reflecting on the city and contemporary landscapes, while building the transfer of knowledge in society. In addition to the public defence of final degree projects before an independent committee, there will also be a large-scale exhibition held in leading cultural and social centres throughout the city.

The Final Degree Project marks the career début for future architects after five years of intense study in which a combination of ideas, effort, creativity and innovation come together to contribute towards building the architecture of the future, represented by the students themselves.