Online lecture: “Deep dive into deep learning”

Observatory on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies Online

Have you noticed that everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and deep learning, but you are not sure what they are referring to? Or perhaps you simply do not know what they are used for or where?

In this introductory online lecture organised by the Observatory on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies (OIANT), entitled “Deep dive into deep learning”, a leading expert will offer an accessible and informative explanation on what these technologies are, what they are used for and their limitations.


  • Dr Tetiana Klymchuk is a data scientist specialised in natural language processing. She holds two PhDs, one in mathematics and another in applied mathematics. Her research focuses on applying mathematics to AI challenges, and her work has been applied to a variety of industries: perfumes, newsletters, publicity in social media, and more. She has published 15 articles in scientific journals and participated in more than 20 international conferences, having received the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Award for best scientific project by a university student. She currently teaches at UIC Barcelona.

The session will be moderated by Dr Gabriel Fernández Borsot, director of the OIANT and lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona.

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*The lecture will be given in English