Planificación Digital : Cirugía Guiada para la Colocación de Microtornillos en el Paladar Duro

Type of programme
Specialization courses
between 03-05-2024 and 04-05-2024
1.5 ECTS
€675.00. *Prices corresponding to the 2023-2024 academic year.
From 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Spanish (secondary language: English)
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Currently, maxillary expansion procedures in adults have been developed with the assistance of orthodontic microscrews (MARPE).

The use of microscrews allows anchoring the disjunction device to them instead of the teeth, applying a significantly higher level of forces compared to standard appliances. This enables the expansion of the basal bone without affecting surrounding structures and avoiding undesirable effects on the teeth.

However, to succeed in treatment, it is crucial to correctly place these microscrews, not only to support the load and achieve proper disjunction but also to prevent possible complications in their insertion and anchorage. Hence, leveraging the digital flow in dentistry, we can aid and guide the placement of these through this new technology.

Course objectives

  • To introduce the ideal anatomical structures for the insertion of microscrews in the palate for devices anchored in it: MARPE and distalizers.
  • To provide training in digital planning for the placement of microscrews for the creation of MARPE and distalizer devices.
  • To provide training in the fabrication of printed guides for the insertion of surgically guided microscrews.

Study programme and subjects 2023-2024

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Planificación Digital: Cirugía Guiada para la Colocación de Microtornillos en el Paladar Duro Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 1.5
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