Expert in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry

Type of programme
Specialization courses
between 17-01-2025 and 28-06-2025
8.5 ECTS
€9,010.00. *Prices corresponding to the 2024-2025 academic year.
Friday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Spanish (secondary language: English)
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The programme provides a broad overview of current Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry and explores both basic and advanced concepts. The aim of the course is to help students increase the quality of their restorative treatments and enable them to perform more complex treatments (tooth restoration and implants) with a higher degree of confidence.

During these practical sessions, students will have the opportunity to perform all of the procedures under different magnifying powers (magnifying glasses and microscopes). The teaching staff will supervise the students during the practical modules. The course will include case-control sessions. 

Course objectives

  1. Provide up-to-date training in advanced restoration
  2. Provide training in operative dentistry
  3. Learn advanced techniques for complex cases
  4. Learn how to manage simple and complex cases
  5. Give dental photography training
  6. Learn about restorative treatment planning
  7. Learn how to use new technologies
  8. Learn how to assess the difficulty of a clinical case and plan accordingly 

Competences to be acquired by students

  1. The Diploma in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry helps bring the students’ knowledge, techniques and action protocols up-to-date with the speciality’s current trends.
  2. The students will make progress and improve the quality of their restorative treatments. The eminently practical nature of the course gives students the chance to handle a large number of materials under the constant supervision of the course instructor. This allows students to compare and see which materials work best in more complex cases.
  3. By the end of the course, the students will be able to carry out most complex treatments skilfully.

Prospective students

The course Diploma in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry is intended for practitioners (stomatologists and dentists) who wish to refresh and further their knowledge of oral restoration.




  • Dr. Miguel Roig
  • Dr. Sergio Morelló 

Study programme and subjects 2024-2025

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Expert in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 8.5
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
  • Term: calendar period
  • (a): subjects which are taught in English


Dr Miguel Roig, Dr Luis Jané, Dr Juan Basilio, Dr Joan de Ribot, Dr Roldán Cubero, Dr Marta Vallés, Dr García Amorós, Dr José Espona, Dr Luis Valdés, Dr Perez Sanz, Dr Soliva, Dr Akram Ali,  Dr Jordi Ortega, Dr Sergio Morelló, Dr Mercedes Forero, Dr Antonio Morelló.


Prerequisites & admissions

  • To be a stomatologist or dentist.