International Double Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry (UIC Barcelona + Universidad de los Andes, Chile)

Type of programme
Dobles titulacions internacionals
13 semesters (9 at UIC Barcelona + 4 at Universidad de los Andes). Sant Cugat Campus and Santiago de Chile Campus
IN: 120 ECTS + 180 recognized = total 300 ECTS / OUT: 225 ECTS + 75 recognized = total 300 ECTS
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In 2022, UIC Barcelona and the Universidad del Los Andes signed an agreement whereby UIC Barcelona students can qualify for a double bachelor’s degree, recognized by both universities, by means of the formula 4.5 + 2. The first four academic years will be studied at UIC Barcelona and the last four semesters will be studied at the Universidad del Los Andes.

Likewise, students from the Universidad del Los Andes will be able to benefit from the agreement and, will also be able to qualify for a double bachelor’s degree with UIC Barcelona. To do this, they will have to study years four and five of the Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry in Barcelona.


External practicums are considered part of the student's training during their stay at UIC Barcelona.

Prerequisites & admissions

Universidad de Los Andes students

Students will follow the same admission process as any other student entering the Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry programme through partial validation or academic record transfer. A personal interview will be conducted and the record will be evaluated. The Universidad del Los Andes will make the proposal and UIC Barcelona will choose the candidates.

UIC Barcelona students

Students must have a satisfactory academic record. No failed subjects. The same procedure will be performed as for the special undergraduate admission in Dentistry, academic background evaluation and personal interview. 

UIC Barcelona will submit the proposed students and the Universidad del Los Andes will select those admitted.

Admission criteria

Admission is obtained from a balanced assessment by the Admissions Committee of the following documentation:

  • Academic record
  • Personal interview
  • Letter of the student's personal reasons for choosing this degree programme
  • Level of English


Students who have been accepted into a master's degree programme will receive an acceptance letter that is contingent on payment of the reservation fee. 

Payment to reserve a place must be made by deposit, within 15 calendar days following receipt of notification of admission, of 20% of the total amount of the first year in a bank account of “la Caixa”. 

Once a place has been officially reserved, if the person fails to meet —in accordance with the state or autonomous community legislation in force at all times— the requirements for admission to the degree course; does not hold the required qualification or students are not enrolled due to insufficient registration, UIC will reimburse the full amount of the reservation fee. 

If the student withdraws from the course for any reason, UIC Barcelona will withhold the reservation fee in its entirety "with no obligation to reimburse the amount", as compensation for any damages or losses incurred. 

It will be understood that non-payment of the reservation fee to mean the student rejects their place, in which case UIC Barcelona to cancel and leave without effect the request submitted for a place.



Students admitted with a reserved place will be notified about the enrolment period admitted with a place reserved once the anticipated admissions have been covered. Once you are officially enrolled, you will have 15 calendar days to pay the outstanding enrolment fee in a single payment.

Grants & financial aid


UIC Barcelona holds agreements with various banks through which you can fund your degree on favourable terms. If you would like to check the conditions for receiving funding, you can do so by clicking on the following link: Funding and agreements

Students are eligible for a discount at enrolment if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Students from Spanish-resident families with a special single-parent or large family card will receive a 10% discount on tuition for undergraduate, graduate and master's studies. Since the 2019-2020 academic year, this discount is incompatible with Academic Excellence Grant [BEA].
  • Members of the Alumni Association who have completed their studies at UIC Barcelona will receive a 5% discount on UIC Barcelona activities.
  • Students with a 33% disability or higher will receive a 50% discount on tuition, both for undergraduate and master's degree studies.


In any case, all students interested must submit documents certifying the above points at the time of enrolment.