Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry and Doctor of Dental Medicine (UIC Barcelona + Rutgers School of Dental Medicine)

Type of programme
Dobles titulacions internacionals
27 months (5 years UIC Barcelona + 27 months at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine)
Spanish and English
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Rutgers University is one of the most prestigious public institutions in the United States, offering a degree programme, numerous graduate and master's programmes, as well as continuing education courses. 

The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is one of the few state universities in the USA that allows international dentists to complete the Internationally Educated DMD Program. The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) programme is taught over two years and three months and allows dentists who complete it to obtain the American diploma and practice in the USA according to specific state regulations.

The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is an accredited university clinic in which more than 136,000 patients are treated. 

The double master’s degree proposal is the result of a long relationship between both institutions, thanks to which students have the possibility to practice in both countries and have an enriching experience.


External practicums are considered part of the student's training during their stay at UIC Barcelona.

Prerequisites & admissions

UIC Barcelona students

Students will be selected during their 4th year based on the academic record, CV and motivation. Essential requirements for accessing the double master’s degree programme: having graduated from UIC Barcelona with high marks in 5th year; passing all the sections of the Dental Board Examination and conducting the personal interview with Rutgers. During the interview the student’s level of English will be assessed. 

Grants & financial aid


UIC Barcelona holds agreements with various banks through which you can fund your degree on favourable terms. If you would like to check the conditions for receiving funding, you can do so by clicking on the following link: Funding and agreements

Students are eligible for a discount at enrolment if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Students from Spanish-resident families with a special single-parent or large family card will receive a 10% discount on tuition for undergraduate, graduate and master's studies. Since the 2019-2020 academic year, this discount is incompatible with Academic Excellence Grant [BEA].
  • Members of the Alumni Association who have completed their studies at UIC Barcelona will receive a 5% discount on UIC Barcelona activities.
  • Students with a 33% disability or higher will receive a 50% discount on tuition, both for undergraduate and master's degree studies.


In any case, all students interested must submit documents certifying the above points at the time of enrolment.