Academic Excellence Scholarship - Education

The grants cover from 20% to 80% of enrolment fees for each academic year of the bachelor’s degree programme. In this way, the cost is similar to the academic fees you pay in state or public universities.


•    November: tests for the Academic Excellence Grant call.
•    January: tests for the Academic Excellence Grant call.
•    April: tests for the Academic Excellence Grant call. 

The final resolution of the UIC Barcelona Grants for Academic Excellence is the exclusive responsibility of the Grants Committee, which reserves the right to accept applications or not.

For further information, please contact:

Christel Frühauf
Whatsapp +34  651 826 376
Tel.: 93 504 20 00

Academic requirements

  1. Upper secondary education students: have an average mark of 8 or higher from their first year of upper secondary education
  2. Students taking higher level vocational education: a minimum of a 9-point average in your first year (Spanish academic system) 
  3. Having passed the specific UIC Barcelona exam for Communication studies, in the call corresponding to our Grants for Academic Excellence.
  4. Provide marks from their first year of upper secondary school and from the completed semesters in their second year.
  5. A letter of motivation from the candidate in which they explain why they think they deserve the grant (marks, personal achievements, aptitudes, etc.).

Financial requirements

  • The candidate must provide evidence of their family’s income from 2022.

Procedures and deadlines

  1. All documentation must be uploaded to the UIC Barcelona admissions portal. 
  2. Admission tests will be administered online.

Degree programmes eligible for the grant:

  • Pre-Primary Education
  • Primary Education
  • Bilingual Pre- Primary Education
  • Bilingual Primary Education
  • Pre-Primary + Primary Education
  • Bilingual Pre-Primary + Primary Education
  • Primary + Pre-Primary Education
  • Bilingual Primary + Pre-Primary Education
  • Primary Education + Humanities
  • Pre-Primary Education + Psychology
  • Primary Education + Psychology

Grant renewal

To renew a Grant for Academic Excellence for the following academic year students will have to meet the academic requirements established by UIC Barcelona.

Additionally, students who obtain a Grant for Academic Excellence (BEA) will have to work for 15 hours per year, on tasks assigned to them by the department they are affiliated to. The hours can be concentrated into specific activities or can be distributed throughout the whole year according to each department’s needs.