Learning together to work together and improve health

The interprofessional education (IPE) project is an initiative promoted by the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Dentistry that aims to encourage learning among students with different professional profiles studying at the Sant Cugat Campus.

The main objective of the IPE project is to offer students studying health-related degree programmes on the Sant Cugat Campus the opportunity to learn together with the objective of cultivating a collaborative practice and provide patient-centred care. In this way, synergies between the different studies are enhanced to develop interprofessional processes of communication, teamwork and decision-making, which in turn allows patient-centred care to work from the competencies specific to each discipline and the competencies they have in common (Way et al. 2000)

IPE Team - 2023-2024


  1. Prepare students to work in a collaborative environment.
  2. Develop the competencies of the interdisciplinary framework based on CAIPE (Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education): teamwork, communication, values and ethics for interprofessional practice, role and responsibilities for collaborative practice.
  3. Identify the interprofessional activities carried out on the Sant Cugat Campus.
  4. Promote the creation of collaborative spaces for IPE practice.

Lines of work

The Commission is developing the following lines of work:

  1. Programme IPE practice within the academic curricula of the different bachelor’s degree programmes.
  2. Promote IPE practice among teachers.
  3. Develop indicators to measure the acquisition of the competencies that define our IPE practice.