Masters and Postgraduate Degrees

Fill in the admission application form

Filling in the admission application form is the first phase of the admission process to become a student at UIC Barcelona. Please follow the indications given. When you have filled in the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with attached documents. These documents should be read carefully and sent, once signed, to your adviser.

You'll find the admission application form here.

Requirements and documentation.

Once you have filled in the admission application form, your programme advisor will contact you to inform you about the requirements and documentation you will need to provide to sit the admission test. We recommend that, in addition to the documentation, you also send a letter of motivation and your CV

To sit the admission test, you must send us a scanned copy of the following documentation: photocopy of your passport, document of general conditions and LOPD [data protection law] duly signed (the documents attached to the e-mail we sent you), a photocopy of your university qualification or, in its absence, a certificate of marks from your home university. If we require additional documents, your adviser will inform you about this in detail.

Admission test

Depending on the programme, you will be required to sit an admission test and/or undergo an online interview. You will be sent the results by e-mail in approximately 15 days.

Each Master's or Postgraduate programme is different and the administration process, depending on the profile of the programme, may vary. In any case, you will arrange, if necessary, the date and time for the test and the interview with your adviser.


Once you have been admitted, we will send you an official letter so that you can reserve your place by paying 20% of the total programme fee.

It is important you make this payment within 10 days of receiving the acceptance letter to guarantee your place at UIC Barcelona. You will pay the remainder of the fee for the academic year once you have been officially enrolled.

You may pay the 20% reservation fee into the following account by bank transfer.

  • IBAN code: ES·I4- 2100-0940-8002-0019-1646
  • Adreça del banc: La Caixa, Muntaner, 262
  • 08021 Barcelona
  • Spain

Do not forget to indicate your full name and the name of the programme you are going to study with us.


To become officially enrolled you must legalise and authorise a series of documents depending on your country of origin and studies. Once you have this documentation, you may officially enrol in UIC Barcelona..

To be able to enrol on an official Master's degree you will need to legalise your academic record. To do so, please go to the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country or to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If your academic record is in a language other than English, French, Italian or Spanish, it should be translated by a sworn translator.

Candidates may enrol throughout the year depending on the start dates of each programme. Once the admission period has started, we recommend you apply as soon as possible to guarantee a place.