International Relations Service Team

Sharon Rauet Frentjen
Sharon Rauet Frentjen
Partnerships & Grants Administrator

Sharon deals with all payments of mobility scholarships and gives orientation and administrative support on international partner’s institutional agreements, staff mobility and any other matter of the International Relations Office.

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Paulo Coelho
Mònica Luque Xicota
Mònica Luque Xicota
Head of the Mobility Team
Head of the Sant Cugat Campus

Mònica is responsible for coordinating the Student Mobility Team and supervises all initiatives related to incoming and outgoing exchange students on the Sant Cugat Campus. She is also in charge of managing the mobility agreements for this campus. She also represents the university in international events and is involved in transversal strategic projects of international character. She loves to socialise and she will be always ready to give some tips of her city she loves, Barcelona!

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James Michener
Cristina Martín Queralt
Cristina Martín Queralt
International Mobility Coordinator, Barcelona Campus

Cristina is responsible for the daily management of student mobility and also helps in planning different projects and events such as the Welcome Session. She is the main point of contact for both incoming and outgoing students at the Faculties on our Barcelona Campus.

Her experience with international students and as a participant in the Erasmus programme, in addition to her passion for travelling and discovering new cultures, are extremely valuable to the team.

Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller
Ibn Battuta
Mariloli Cámara
Mariloli Cámara
International Mobility Coordinator, Sant Cugat Campus

Mariloli is responsible for the daily management of student mobility, both in terms of studies and job placements. She is the main point of contact for both incoming and outgoing students at the Faculties on our Sant Cugat Campus. Her past experience with international students from America is a huge plus for the team.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness
Mark Twain
Reetta Heikkinen
Reetta Heikkinen
Head of International Agreements
Head of the Barcelona Campus

Reetta is the cross-cutting head of international agreements at the University. She is in charge of building and developing strategic relationships with universities around the world, and also serves as UIC Barcelona ambassador at international fairs and events. She also ensures the cohesion of all the initiatives that take place on the Barcelona Campus, where she is based. Furthermore, she is involved in other projects such as the Erasmus Without Papers and Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation (SUCTI) projects.

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Alba Valle Izquierdo
Alba Valle Izquierdo
Coordinator for International Mobility (double degrees, communication and cross-cutting projects)

Alba has a cross-cutting position within the team. Not only does she manage the international double degree process, from signing new agreements to following up with students, but also PAS and PDI mobility. She is also involved in internationalisation projects, such as the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation (SUCTI) projects, and is responsible for communicating the service’s initiatives through the various information channels at UIC Barcelona.

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