Enrolment and reservation


  • Candidates accepted onto Masters or Postgraduate courses will be contacted by post.
  • Enrolment is subject to the payment of a reservation fee, which must be made within 15 days after receipt of the letter, for the amount of 20% of the total course fee via bank transfer.
  • Once the reservation fee has been paid, if the student does not meet the course prerequisites as determined by state legislation or autonomous regulations, does not hold the required degree or the course does not open due to a lack of demand, the UIC will refund the reservation fee in full.
  • If after paying the deposit the student should choose of his or her own volition not to pursue the course of studies, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya shall become the owner of the entire amount received as a deposit on the place as compensation for the damages caused, with no obligation to refund.
  • If the student does not pay the reservation fee within the time period indicated, it will be understood that he or she is no longer interested in accepting the place on the course, and the UIC will cancel it, rendering the corresponding application null and void.


Students who have a place reserved on the course will be advised of the details of the enrolment period once the predicted matriculation numbers have been reached. Once enrolment has been formally processed, students will have 10 working days to settle the remaining balance of the enrolment fee, in one single payment.