The 14th edition of the Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability analyses direct actions regarding climate action

The new edition of the Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability, organised by the Office for Cooperation and Sustainable Development, took place on 25 November. “Climate action, health and social commitment” was the theme and nearly 200 students, divided into 46 groups, presented their research projects containing different proposals to improve the care of our planet.

The Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability is an annual conference open to the entire university community in which an issue associated with the Sustainable Development Goals is approached from an interdisciplinary perspective. The workshop provided a forum for teachers, external experts and students from all degree programmes to reflect and share research projects.

Early on, the day began with student presentations on didactic proposals, teaching material and oral presentations of research papers dealing with SDGs 3, 14 and 17. On this occasion, groups were made up students from Early Childhood and Primary Education, Business Administration and Management (ADE), Advertising and Nursing, who presented their projects before different juries comprised of PDI and PAS staff from the University and some independent professionals.

The day closed with a talk by Professor Carme Llasat, professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Barcelona. Llasat began by congratulating UIC Barcelona for being a university “leader in the field of climate action and social commitment.”

During her talk, the UB professor reviewed the various consequences of climate change and ended up making an “urgent call to change behaviour.”

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)