Clínicas Mi, Mi Fundación Álex and UIC Barcelona invest in talent with the creation of the "Mi Fundación Álex Grants for Health Sciences"

Both entities have combined their resources to promote equal opportunities and support talent among the students of the bachelor’s degree in Nursing

UIC Barcelona and Mi Fundación Álex have signed a collaboration agreement which will create the Mi Fundación Álex Grants for Health Sciences, thus expanding the University’s grant and financial programme.

Caring and healing is a priority shared by UIC Barcelona and Clínicas Mi to improve quality of life. Enhancing talent and promoting equal opportunities among future health professionals is one of the best ways to help train nurses to reflect these values in their work. For this reason, both entities have joined their resources with the creation of three grant programmes aimed at students of the bachelor’s degree in Nursing who are committed to society, have an excellent academic record and limited economic means. The grants will be available for the 2023-2024 academic year. The new grants will also allow students of the bachelor’s degree, especially those in 3rd and 4th year, to do practicums in the Mi Clinics, both as part of the course and as extracurricular experience.

Beyond the creation of the grants programme, the two entities have also signed a framework agreement to promote the access of recent graduates from UIC Barcelona in Health Sciences to Mi Clinics through job exchanges, participation in talks, conferences and employment forums, among other initiatives.

Present at the signing was Dr Alfonso Méndiz, rector of UIC Barcelona, Mr Gabriel Masfurroll, managing director of Clínicas Mi and Mi Fundación Alex, and Dr Encarna Rodríguez, director of the Nursing Department.

This agreement will add to the grants and financial aid programme of the University #NingunTalentoSinFuturo, which currently amounts to 6.3 million euros.

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