Dr Esperanza L. Gómez Durán (Medicine) and Dr Montserrat Pàmias (Psychology and Clinic SUPPORT), editors of a book on violence

Violence against women, the vulnerable (the elderly, children, the people with disabilities), and in general within the home, has become the scourge of today’s society, as shown by various studies. This alarming humanitarian situation, which also affects public health, has a direct impact on the increasing inequalities and the democratic quality of our coexistence.

To address this issue professionally, teachers from the Department of Medicine, Basic Sciences and Law have published a book with the Aranzadi publishing company with different paradigmatic cases of violence, gender-based but also vicarious and against the elderly, from a forensic and clinical perspective.

The book, titled Análisis clínico y forense de la violencia de género a través de casos [Clinical and Forensic Analysis of Gender-based Violence: Case Studies], is conceptualised as teaching material for the University Master’s Degree in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology and its purpose is to contribute to improving the medical, forensic and healthcare practice of professionals in the field of health and law.

The book was written by teachers and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and also from the Faculty of Law. Dr Esperanza Gómez, psychiatrist and head of the Master’s Degree in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology; and Dr Montserrat Pàmias, psychiatrist and medical director of the Clinic  SUPPORT as editors were responsible for selecting case studies. Clinical psychologists Susana Pujol, Iris Crespo, Marta Vizcaíno and Iris Pérez; forensic psychologist Aina Gasso and forensic physician Carlos Martin also participated in the project.

This teaching material for the Master’s Degree in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology is one of the initiatives promoted by the UIC Barcelona Equality and Inclusion Unit within the framework and with funding of the Government of Spain’s State Pact against Gender-based Violence 2022 . 


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