Latest COVID-19 update: COVID-19 update: situation at UIC Barcelona until the end of the academic year

To all members of the university community:

We’d like to inform you that following the Generalitat de Catalunya’s announcement through Procicat, the plan to ease lockdown is ongoing and on Monday 24 May new more flexible measures will come into force.

In the university sector, universities can resume partial (50%) on-site teaching once more across all years. However, based on our own autonomy as a university, at UIC Barcelona we have decided to maintain restricted simultaneous attendance at a maximum of 30% of students on each campus of the university until the end of the academic year. In relation to pending work placements and assessment activities, these will still be able to take place in person, as has been the case until now.

If there are any changes or modifications to the restrictions in the weeks prior to the end of the academic year, the University will inform you at the appropriate time through the Institution's official channels, as usual.