Launch of #NoTalentWithoutAFuture, the annual campaign to boost the UIC Barcelona grants and financial aid programme

This initiative was set up based on the idea of providing a response to the economic needs of talented students, so that they do not fall behind in their studies

UIC Barcelona, through the University's Corporate Development Department, launched the #NoTalentWithoutAFuture initiative. This is an annual patronage campaign that has the main aim of boosting the University's grants and financial aid programme and will thus help to respond to the economic needs of talented students so that they don't have to stop studying.

At present, the University allocates a total of 5.7 million euros in grants and financial aid to approximately 2.500 students, which represents more than 30 % of all UIC Barcelona students. Starting off from this figure, the institution wants to go further by launching this new initiative: #NoTalentWithoutAFuture, which is a new method of collaboration in which members of the UIC Barcelona community (PDI, PAS, Alumni, students) can participate by making a donation, as well as companies, families or individuals.

The campaign will remain active until the end of December 2021.  The donations raised through this patronage project will be used to fund studies for students at the University. This aid may be granted to students at the institution enrolled for degree programmes who are experiencing financial difficulties in relation to taking on the total or partial cost of their tuition fees.

#NoTalentWithoutAFuture was set up in 2020, amid the pandemic, to help students and their families who have been affected by COVID-19. The initiative was able to raise more than 35 thousand euros, an amount that allowed 42 students of eight different nationalities, taking degrees and postgraduate degrees on various degree programmes, to be helped. The aim now is for the initiative to become institutionalised over time and each academic year will have a different purpose: this year it is to extend the University's grant and financial aid fund.