Olga Miralles and Sofía Navarro: “The experience allowed us to see and learn how dentistry is studied and practised in the United States"

4th year Dentistry students Olga Miralles and Sofía Navarro have completed their stay at an American university, as the result of an agreement with the Faculty of Dentistry

For another academic year in a row, two Dentistry students have travelled to New Jersey to train for fifteen days at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. As students Olga Miralles and Sofía Navarro explain, “The exchange gave us the opportunity to explore different clinical applications, take part in clinical rotations within the university clinic, meet new people and build connections in the dental field”. The students added, “we were able to work closely with teaching staff, which provided us with a deeper and more enriching view of dentistry training.”

In terms of academic study, Olga and Sofía highlighted that one of the biggest benefits of the exchange was that they were able “to gain the experience of independent clinical work, so we are better prepared for our future professional career as dentists.” “The learning environment at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is dynamic and enriching, offering students a comprehensive experience. Thanks to highly qualified faculty members and innovative technology, students have access to the latest knowledge and advanced clinical practice. In addition, interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural diversity help to provide a stimulating environment”.

On a personal level, the two students were struck by “the demanding level of requirements for dental graduates from other countries who want to have their Dentistry degree recognised in the country, and the way the university dental clinic is run, where students directly manage their agenda and patient relationship while being supervised by a professional expert from each department.” They agreed that they would recommend the experience to all students, since “it is an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone and expand your academic and personal horizons.”

This is the third exchange by students from the UIC Barcelona School of Dentistry to the American university, following the collaboration agreement between the two institutions.

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