The research team led by Juan José Guardia Hernández is awarded a BBVA Foundation grant

The lecturer of UIC Barcelona’s Law School and his team have been awarded one of the foundation’s 35 Grants for Scientific Research Projects 2021

620 applications were submitted to the open competitive call, in five different fields: Mathematics, Climate Change and Ecology, Biomedicine, Social Sciences and Philosophy

Juan José Guardia Hernández, Administrative Law lecturer in the Faculty of Law, was selected along with his team as beneficiary of one of the 35 grants awarded by the BBVA Foundation in the field of philosophy, specifically in bioethics. The team, made up of UIC Barcelona lecturers Ignasi Belda, Isabel Morales and Ignacio Macpherson, was awarded the competitive grant to carry out their project entitled “Ethical conflicts in the management of risks to human health in the face of scientific uncertainty – Risk Management”. 

It is an interdisciplinary analysis between law and bioethics in situations of lack of scientific consensus in which public authorities must make decisions affecting human health. Its main result is the preparation of three documents: a bioethics guide for companies, a bioethics code for public administration and a third code for scientific advisory committees.

The UIC Barcelona researchers aim to carry out a systematic bibliographic review on risk management and scientific uncertainty in the field of bioethics and, simultaneously, a qualitative analysis through semi-structured interviews with experts and key figures.

The BBVA Foundation awarded 16 grants specifically to projects focused on philosophy, out of 59 applications submitted in the field.

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