The Sant Cugat Campus hosts the 1st edition of the UIC PhD Day: Health Sciences

The main objective of the conference organised by the Doctoral Academic Committee (CAD) for Health Sciences was to promote the transmission and dissemination of the health research carried out at UIC Barcelona

On Friday, 7 October, the Sant Cugat Campus hosted the 1st edition of the UIC PhD Day: Health Sciences, promoted by the Doctoral School. Aimed at doctoral, master’s degree, postgraduate and final year undergraduate students of the University, the scientific day made known the ten lines of research under the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences. The heads of each line of research did this by giving an informative briefing that was followed by the presentation, in oral or poster format, of the one of their doctoral student’s research project.

During this scientific conference, participants were able to learn first-hand about the lines of research being carried out under the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences:

  • Palliative Care at End-of-life and in Chronic Illness. Communication with the Patient, led by Dr Cristina Monforte. The lecture was given by Dr. Denise Pergolizzi.
  • Health Education, led by Dr Albert Gallart.
  • Translational, Clinical and Applied Research, led by Dr Xavier Corbella.
  • Infectious Diseases: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, led by Dr José Nart and Dr. Carmen Muñoz Almagro.
  • Evaluation of Health Determinants, led by Dr Jose M. Martínez.
  • Assessment and Performance of Physiotherapy in Movement Control, led by Dr Caridad Bagur.
  • Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine, led by Dr Román Pérez.
  • Basic and Clinical Research Applied to Dentistry, led by Dr Federico Hernández-Alfaro and Dr Miguel Roig. The lecture was given by Dra. Maria Giralt and Dr. Miguel Roig.
  • Neuroscience Research, led by Dr Núria Casals. The lecture was given by Dr. Rosalía Rodríguez.
  • Research in Cellular Physiology and Hereditary Haematological Diseases, led by Dr Josep Clotet. The lecture was given by Dr. Javier Jiménez and Dr. Mayka Sánchez.


More than 24 UIC Barcelona researchers participated in the 1st edition of the UIC PhD Day: Health Sciences, which was attended by 60 people, including students and directors.

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