UIC Barcelona defends equal opportunities for 8M

UIC Barcelona is committed to equal opportunities and the development of women's careers in all areas of the University, without discrimination on the grounds of sex or maternity

For another consecutive year, UIC Barcelona joins the celebrations for International Women’s Day, held every 8 March. To ensure equal opportunities, the focus this year is on Sustainable Development, social engagement, and care and assistance to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic. In this regard, the institution remains firmly committed to female talent and supports the role of women in all areas of society.

As a result of the work that UIC Barcelona is undertaking in the field of equality, the University exceeds the university system’s general statistics, with parity in executive positions on the Board of Governors, in vice rectorates and among teaching staff. Some 63.5% of undergraduate and graduate students are female. As for teaching and research staff at the University, 51% of researchers are women, who in addition participate in research groups in fields such as the social and legal sciences (69%), the health sciences (57%), the arts and humanities (50%) engineering and architecture (26%). In addition to these figures, 56% of competitive research projects are led by women.

“These positive percentages, due to their evolution and growth in recent years, encourage the University to continue making headway”, says Esther Jiménez, vice rector for University Community, and are deemed highly relevant by the UIC Barcelona Equality Office, a body that reports to the vice rector's office and is devoted to promoting equal opportunities and women's careers in all fields of study at the University, without discrimination on the basis of sex or maternity.

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