UIC Barcelona participates in the 1st International Congress on Sustainable Curriculum and SDGs in university education

On 6 and 7 October, UIC Barcelona lecturers Silvia Albareda from the Faculty of Education Sciences and Elisa Rechadera from the Faculty of Communication Sciences and medical students participated in the “1st International Conference on Sustainable Curriculum and ODS in University Education,” organised by the Universitat de València.

The conference involved sharing experiences in quality and teaching innovation as well as research projects, and it was evident that, from all areas of knowledge, work is being done in response to the social, environmental and economic challenges that building a sustainable future requires.

“It was very encouraging to listen to and share the teaching experiences of so many teachers who have been working in this field more or less on their own for years, because the need to integrate these subjects naturally in all the degree programmes is increasingly evident,” Regadera said.

The UIC Barcelona teachers presented a paper on the teaching innovation project “Integrating the SDGs in University Education. Interdepartmental Experience,” carried out over the course of two academic years and funded by the 4th Puig Foundation Teaching Innovation Grant.

Twelve UIC Barcelona teachers who teach in eight different bachelor’s degree programmes, and two master's degree programmes participated in this interdisciplinary project, along with an external expert collaborator from the University of Alcalá (UAH).

This paper promotes the implementation of active teaching methodologies, project-oriented learning (AOP) and case study method, to develop competencies in sustainability and promote spirit of enterprise among university students in achieving the SDGs. A group of six 4th year students in the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine at UIC Barcelona also presented a paper at the conference, the result of the AOP they prepared the previous academic year in their Bioethics class.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)