UIC Barcelona in the QS World University Rankings: Sustainability 2024

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) is ranked, for the first time, in the second edition of the QS World University Rankings:Sustainability 2024. This ranking is designed specifically to evaluate universities based on social impact, environmental impact and governance. In the 2024 edition, UIC Barcelona obtained position 751-760 of 1,397 universities and at the national level, it obtained position =30 of 38 universities.

The methodology used by QS WUR: Sustainability analyses the university in three areas: environmental impact, which is measured through environmental education, environmental research and environmental sustainability indicators; social impact, which measures the impact of a university's commitment using indicators such as equality, employability and partnerships with industry and improved well-being and health; and lastly, governance, which evaluates a university’s governance measuring its decision-making transparency, ethical culture, student representation, financial transparency, among others.

Within the different areas of this ranking, UIC Barcelona stands out in governance, in which it holds position =382 of the 1,397 universities worldwide. And within the indicators of the different areas, UIC Barcelona stands out in the indicators of equality in position =243 of 1,397 universities worldwide, and impact on education in position =348 of 1,397 universities. Both indicators belong to the social impact area. On a national scale, UIC Barcelona stands out in the Environmental Sustainability indicator and holds position 14 of 38 universities, which falls under the area of environmental impact.

Once again, UIC Barcelona is recognised worldwide and this time for its contribution to sustainable development through research, teaching and strong governance.

The objective of the UIC Barcelona Statistical Data and Ranking Office is to measure the performance of different aspects of the University through data and evidence, allowing it to be visible both nationally and internationally through the social impact produced by rankings and listings.