The WeCare Chair promotes new training on managing the desire to hasten death

With the support of the Spanish Society for Palliative Care (SECPAL), the Chair has designed the course "Assessment and Response to the Desire to Hasten Death in People with Advanced Disease (ERDAM)" to train health professionals in the exploration, assessment and approach to the wish to advance death.

Reinforcing UIC Barcelona's commitment to the health and wellbeing of people at the end of life or suffering from advanced illnesses, the new continuing education programme promoted by the WeCare Chair will begin on 15 February and will be taught in online format. Aimed specifically at doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other health disciplines. Over the course of seven weeks, thirty professionals will be trained to examine, assess and address the desire to hasten death (DAM) in patients with advanced diseases.

The desire to hasten death is a reaction to suffering that may appear relatively frequently in the end-of-life stage, with a higher prevalence in those patients who have very advanced diseases, a limited life expectancy and a heavier symptom burden. With the desire to support these patients and their families, the WeCare Chair is working to develop activities and research studies in the field of palliative care that allow health professionals to respond to the needs of this group and contribute to their physical and emotional well-being.