Cooperation and Sustainable Development Office

Cooperation and Sustainable Development Office

The UIC Barcelona Cooperation and Sustainable Development Office aims primarily to coordinate and foster actions carried out at the University that incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out in Agenda 2030.

The Cooperation and Sustainable Development Office organises training days as part of UIC Barcelona’s +Sustainable programme, which is open to the whole University community and is designed to raise awareness about the environment. The Office is also still monitoring the UIC Barcelona 2016-2022 Strategic Plan for Sustainability, which was previously managed by the former Sustainability Office.

The new Office represents the University at meetings regarding the SDGs on a local (Barcelona City Council), regional (Catalan University System and Government of Catalonia) and national level (meetings with the Ministry and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities - CRUE), as well as in Europe. As such, it is responsible for responding to surveys and writing reports on what the University is doing to help fulfil the SDGs across the four focus areas, as well as proposing plans, commitments and specific actions to be carried out by the University community. 

In terms of cooperation, the Office studies and collates information on the University’s current cooperation projects. It also distributes calls for cooperation projects to interested parties, depending on whether they are teaching, research (in collaboration with the for VRIT projects) or social intervention projects, as well as encouraging new cooperation and sustainability projects.

If you have a proposal, suggestion or question, you can email or call extension 4146 from a UIC Barcelona telephone.