Take a look at our objectives:

  1. We have created an environment designed to support teaching professionals and researchers.
  2. We promote a culture in which you are responsible for your education. Play an active, collaborative role with cutting-edge tools. Take part in activities and gain autonomy.
  3. We implement innovative and effective methods geared towards life in the real world (problem solving, cooperative learning, independent learning, self-assessment, project-based learning, etc.).
  4. We use ICT as part of our approach to teaching (online activities, computerised and multimedia support materials, etc.).
  5. We systematise our academic activities (tutorials —tutoring models—, classwork, work placement and ECTS model projects).
  6. We promote internationalisation: mobility opportunities for students and lecturers, and alliances with renowned universities and research centres.
  7. We implement ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) criteria and guidelines to ensure UIC Barcelona meets the quality standards set out for European higher education institutions.


In UIC Barcelona's faculties and schools, we combine teaching model diversity with consistency with the University's guiding principles.

Tracing and accreditation of university degree programmes – Self-evaluation for accreditation (SE)