UIC Barcelona participates in the 1st International Congress on Sustainable Curriculum and SDGs in university education
On 6 and 7 October, UIC Barcelona lecturers Silvia Albareda from the Faculty of Education Sciences and Elisa Rechadera from the Faculty of Communication Sciences and medical students participated in the “1st International Conference on Sustainable Curriculum and ODS in University Education,” organised by the Universitat de València.
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Elisa Regadera, lecturer at UIC Barcelona: “The fashion industry is affected by 17 of the 17 SDGs on the 2030 Agenda”
Elisa Regadera is director of the Master’s Degree in Communication, Brand Management and Sustainability in the Fashion Industry at UIC Barcelona. She conducts research on how fashion companies are coping with and communicating their transformation to the circular economy.
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Judith Urbano and Marta Crispí, co-editors and co-authors of the book Cultural Leadership in Transition Tourism
The book, which is an analysis of current sustainable cultural tourism, has been published by Springer Publishing, one of the most prestigious publishers in the international arena
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Ricardo Maria Jiménez analyses the impact of the SDGs on RSC reports
Together with Joan Fontrodona and entitled “The impact of the SDGs on non-financial corporate communications: Analysis of CaixaBank reports (2013-2019),” studied the case of the CaixaBank entity and concluded the use of the Sustainable Development Goals to be positive
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“A child’s future success in their personal and professional lives passes through the hands of a teacher”
Esther Jiménez has served as dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences at UIC Barcelona since 2016. During this time, she has been chiefly concerned with boosting the prestige of the profession of educator, which she defines as one of society’s most noble, as highlighted, she contends, by the pandemic.
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Meeting between primary and secondary school students and members of the Research Group on Sustainability and Comprehensive Education at UIC Barcelona
The University’s Aula Jardí recently hosted an event between young people and researchers with a view to reflecting on what has been done at schools during the 2021-2022 school year and designing teaching tools aimed at heightening environmental awareness during the rest of the year
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Architecture students develop a green infrastructure plan for a neighbourhood in Quito (Ecuador) to reduce climate risk and improve food sovereignty
Researchers from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences of Ecuador (FLACSO) and the University of Montreal, the local NGO AYRIWA and local community representatives collaborated in the workshop 
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Andrés Perea and Bruno Sauer call for a radical change to the architectural model at Foros 2022 to tackle the environmental crisis
Both speakers agreed on the need to commit to a new paradigm based on a commitment to the environment in order to tackle the great ecological impact caused by construction
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UIC Barcelona hosts researchers and experts as they address the future, renovation and transformation of the housing sector
The conference was organised by the Laboratory of Technological Innovation for Industrialised and Sustainable Construction (LITEIS), part of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture
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The Faculty of Communication Sciences launches Domo, a geodesic greenhouse for educational use
The facility is intended for students on the Bachelor's Degrees in Pre-Primary Education and in Primary Education to carry out practical horticultural work placements
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