General principles

Principis generals

  1. Collaboration among eduroam members is based on mutual trust.
  2. Only users from participating institutions will have access to eduroam mobility services.
  3. Participating institutions must define their own mobility regulations and make them public to both their own and visiting users.

Obligations of UIC Barcelona

  1. Should there be an attempt to misuse the networks’ resources or services, and in accordance with these rules and regulations and with the institution’s rules and regulations for use, UIC Barcelona shall provide any institution which so requests it with a record of access to one of its networks.
  2. If these rules and regulations or the user policy are not respected, UIC Barcelona may interrupt or modify the service for a specific user or for an entire domain and shall notify the home institution of the affected user or users.

User obligations

  1. Users are required to respect the rules of their home institution and the host institution, as well as mobility regulations and the general user policy. In the event in which the rules defined herein may have different interpretations, the most restrictive interpretation shall be applicable.
  2. Users are responsible for protecting their access information (username and password) and are accountable for their own actions and the actions of a third party using their access information.
  3. Users must inform the network administrators at their home institution if they become aware that the network has been illegally accessed using their access information or whenever they suspect that there might be a risk of this happening.

Obligations of the institution when acting as a home institution

  1. The home institution is required to provide support to its users. Only in cases in which the home institution has determined that the issue lies with the host institution shall it redirect the issue to the contact person provided by the host institution.
  2. The home institution is responsible for administering and storing its users’ access information (username and password, certificates, etc.).
  3. The home institution must have an authentication server which accepts and processes its users’ access information when they are away.
  4. If these regulations or the user policy are not respected, the home institution may interrupt or modify the service for a specific user.
  5. The home institution shall notify UIC Barcelona regarding any security incident or fraudulent activity involving the mobility service that has been detected so that they can jointly resolve it.

Obligations of the institution when acting as a host institution

  1. The website of the host institution shall contain technical information on the means of access it provides and the connection procedures, as well as a link to UIC Barcelona website where the service is described.
  2. The host institution must cooperate with visiting users’ home institutions.
  3. The host institution shall inform its visiting users about the security levels applied when their access information is sent.