Acquisitions Service

The UIC Barcelona Library Acquisitions Service acquires documentary material to help support teaching and research staff in their roles. This service is aimed at both Administration and Services Staff (PAS) and Teaching and Research Staff (PDI).

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If you are a student, you may make recommendations for new purchases through our suggestions box.

Administration and Service Staff (PAS) and Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) may request new purchases using the forms. Click on the corresponding form and fill in the required details.

Before making a request, check the UIC Barcelona catalogue to make sure it is not in the Library.

If you are a member of the teaching staff, before starting a new subject or one previously taught, take a look at the documents that your students will need over the year. Contact us to request an item.

The delivery date will vary depending on the work, how old it is, the print status and where it is located. We recommend you make requests well in advance. Contact the library to check the status of the request.

When a request is received a notification is sent via e-mail once it is catalogued.

We would like to thank the individuals and organisations who, from the beginning, have donated books and journals to enrich our library's resources. Below we outline some guidelines and rules that you may find useful.

The library reserves the right to admit donated documents bearing in mind their level of interest and usefulness for the library and its users.

Donations are accepted following assessment of the work and its suitability for the library. Once the donation is accepted, the UIC Barcelona library becomes the owner of the donated item, with the authority to decide its location, use and destination on a needs basis.

Please contact the library prior to sending any donations: We will specify the donation terms and find the best way of sending it.