Language Plan

The advance of globalisation and the new challenges of the knowledge-based society have made it necessary for people to develop new plurilingual and intercultural competences. Universities are active players in this regard: they play a highly significant role in the higher education of coming generations and stand as a model for the harmonious coexistence of languages and cultures. As a result, appropriate language policy actions must be developed within the university system to promote internationalisation and ensure knowledge and use of the Catalan language, in accordance with the regulatory framework and the commitment to social and cultural responsibility, as well as to manage Catalonia’s inherent multilingualism. We must therefore work to increase the university community’s intercultural and plurilingual competences, while improving the quality of the institution’s linguistic and communicative output.

The 2019-2023 Language Plan is the instrument that outlines UIC Barcelona’s language policy objectives for this five-year period. It is based on the measures currently being undertaken to manage multilingualism at the University, the state of the matter, the current legal framework, the growing commitment to internationalisation and the five main aspects of the 2015-2022 Strategic Plan: teaching, research, internationalisation, knowledge transfer and resources, which provide the groundwork for both the objectives and actions required to achieve these targets during this five-year period.

This is the first time UIC Barcelona has established a time-frame for advancing actions aimed at improving the management of multilingualism across the University. Attached are two documents that attest this commitment: the 2019-2023 Language Plan and a shorter text which summarises some of its main features. Both are freely accessible and may be downloaded from this website.

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