Alumni Award

The UIC Barcelona Alumni Award for the Best Social Transformation Project recognises the work of UIC Barcelona alumni in transforming society through their projects, which reflect the values learned at our university and disseminate their spirit of service to society.

The award will be presented at the UIC Barcelona Global Meeting on 21 June at the Palau de la Música Catalana. The event will be presented by Ramon Pellicer.


The prize is a cash award of 2,500 euros and recognition in the form of a nominal statuette to be presented at the Global Meeting UIC Barcelona. All members of the UIC Barcelona Alumni community can participate as candidates for the Alumni award for a transformative project, regardless of whether they belong to the Alumni UIC Barcelona organisation.

Members of the UIC Barcelona Alumni community are all former students who have completed an undergraduate degree, bachelor's degree, postgraduate degree, clinical residence, master’s degree or doctoral degree, who have obtained their degree at this University.

Check the rules here.


The categories are as follows:

  • Alumni award for a transformative project. This award values the effort and ability of our alumni to implement projects with a social transformation mission.
  • Alumni recognition of a professional career. The professional career of a former UIC Barcelona student is recognised, whose work reflects the values promoted by our university. Their contribution to the educational and research project of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya will be especially valued.


Documentation to be submitted via website: The information to be submitted in each category will be composed of at least:

  1. Brief description of the contestant (person/project) in one hundred words or less.
  2. Merits of the candidature for each category described in a report of 1000 words or less, in which the merits of the candidature are listed and explained, preferably the merits corresponding to those listed in the rules.
  3. Any other additional information considered to be of interest to qualify for the award may be attached to the form as a document in text, Word, PDF or JPG format.

Participants must have read these rules and tick the corresponding box on the form, which implies express and full acceptance of the rules. No supporting documentation for the information provided will be required to present candidacies; however, this may be requested later as the jury deems appropriate.

Candidature presentation period

The period for presenting candidatures will begin on 1 April 2023 and will end on 1 June 2023 at 11.59 p.m.