8M, International Women's Day

8 March: International Women's Day. What are we celebrating?

They highlight the drive for equal opportunities and the effort to build a more inclusive and less violent society. Efforts towards reducing gaps in salary, the digital world, or in STEM careers, and the importance of educating society about co-responsibility and inclusion continue to be in the news; the subject of articles, reports and official statements.

On International Women’s Day, UIC Barcelona wants to take part in the reflection and demands of those bodies representing the Spanish and Catalan university system.

It is particularly worth mentioning the manifestos written on this occasion by the Commission of Women in Science, of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, the Network of Gender Equality Units for University Excellence (RUIGEU) and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE).

These texts add weight to the aforementioned topics and the need for policies that promote women in the world of science and delve into the reasons behind the scarcity of women in STEM careers.

The position of UIC Barcelona on all these issues is illustrated through people management policies, equality plans and protocols, supported by data that reflect the growth of parity in the university. 42% of European projects, 53% of competitive projects and 36% of research groups are led by women. There is also total parity in the governing board, vice-rectorates and teaching and research staff.

What do we do at UIC Barcelona?

UIC Barcelona is committed to equal opportunities and the development of women's careers in all areas of the University.