Doctoral School Quality Committee

The Doctoral School Quality Committee is responsible for the basic tasks of monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the running of the doctoral programmes, as well as the objectives and skills associated with each one, within the internal quality guarantee system.

Depending on the results obtained during the assessment, the Steering Committee will propose an action plan with improvements, and will carry out a follow-up on the implementation of those improvements, assessing the results.

The Quality Committee will be made up of the following members, at a minimum:

  • The Director of the Doctoral School (representing management)
  • The Manager of the Doctoral School (representing Administrative and Services Staff)
  • A representative from each Doctoral Academic Committee (representing TRS)
  • A student from each of the doctoral programmes (representing students)
  • A former student from the Doctoral Programme (representing doctoral graduates)
  • A researcher external to the university (representing society)