Becas UIC Barcelona

We award grants funded from the University's own budget through sponsorship from the companies and institutions we work with.

The grants awarded fall into three different categories:

  1. Academic
    Academic record
  2. Economic
    Overall annual income of the family unit
  3. Family
    Number of members in the family unit



  1. Students on a bachelor’s degree programme who are under 30 are eligible for this grant, independently of the autonomous community or country they are from.
  2. Also send your application to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
    If you get a grant from the Ministry but it is lower than what the university would have awarded, we can make up the difference.
  3. Always make the payment to enrol for the academic year you have applied for a grant for, through the right channels, according to the stipulated deadlines and independently of the fact that you have applied for this aid.  If the application resolution is favourable, we will pay the amount awarded.
The following people cannot apply
  1. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate degree, are an architect, diplomat, technical architect or have corresponding higher education qualifications.
  2. Students who are eligible to apply for postgraduate and master’s degrees.
  3. New students who already have received a full discount on the tuition fees at the university due to having obtained a distinction for their baccalaureate/upper secondary year.



In order to apply for this grant, it is essential to have passed all of the credits you enroled for during the previous academic year with a maximum of two subjects passed in a second sitting for 4-year degree programmes and three for 5 o 6-year programmes.


Economic and family

Family income will be taken into account, and this will be obtained by adding the income from the previous year prior to enrolment for each of its members.

In order to calculate the per capita income for the grant, the following are countable members of the family:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • If applicable, the guardian or person in charge of the minor
  • The applicant
  • Younger siblings under twenty who live in the family home on 31 December of the year prior to the application.
  • Siblings above the age of twenty if they have physical or mental disabilities or sensory impairment.
  • Parents of parents who live in the same home as the aforementioned persons and have a corresponding census registration certificate.
  • If the parents are legally separated, the person the child lives with will be taken into account as well as their current partner, if applicable and if that person is officially registered at the same address

In the cases in which the applicant pleads independence from their family and economic independence, they must irrefutably accredit this circumstance, their financial means and provide the mortgage or rental contract of their home, which for all intents and purposes must be the home they live in during the academic year.  It is necessary to provide all the documentation asked for.



  1. Photocopy of the National Identity Card or Passport of the applicant and of all the countable members of the family above the age of 14, as well as a photocopy of the family record book for family members who are younger than 14.
  2. A census registration certificate for the applicant showing they are registered at their home address, which must include a list of the names of all the other people residing at that address.
  3. First year students entering UIC Barcelona must present a certificate showing their final mark for the second year of their baccalaureate or equivalent studies.
  4. Students from another university must present an academic certificate for their previous year of studies.
  5. A photocopy of your tax return or tax return from the previous tax year. Those who have not presented a tax return but have received income for any reason during this tax year, will also have to justify this work income (10T).
  6. Certification of income not included in your tax declaration (work, pensions, unemployment benefit, compensation for being fired, etc.) received by any countable member of the family during the tax year prior to the application.
  7. Photocopy of the receipts for property tax paid on any rustic and urban property belonging to the family members included in the calculation, excluding their habitual residencel.
  8. Photocopy showing either a page of the bank book or current account into which the grant will be paid.  The applicant must be the account holder or co-account holder of this account.

Any missing documentation will result in the automatic rejection of the request.



  1. Students already studying for a degree must formalise their application through the University's intranet.  They will subsequently have to submit the required documentation to the Student Services office for their campus.
  2. Newly enrolled students will find the form on this page (Application for 1st year grant) and will subsequently have to submit it to their campus along with the required documentation.

It is not necessary to wait for the final grades of the second semester in order to apply for the grant once the application period opens on 15 May.



  • Up to 31 July for students already enrolled at UIC Barcelona for the current academic year.
  • Up to 15 October for newly enrolled students (first year or academic file transfers).


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