Conference on urban regeneration at UIC Barcelona with Architect Carmen Andriani

Carmen Andriani, architect and tenured professor of Projects and Urban Planning at the University of Genoa, gave a talk on “Regeneration of the existing / Border Heritage” on 10 November at UIC Barcelona. During her lecture, the professor discussed coastal regeneration, showing some of the projects developed in the Costal Design Lab, permanent laboratory of the Master's Degree in Architecture, promoted and directed by Carmen Andriani since 2014. 

The welcome was given by lecturers Juan Trias de Bes and Felipe Pich-Aguilera, who thanked Andriani for her participation and briefly described her professional experience. 

Coastal Design research has focused on cities near the coast. “The border is an intermediate space between two conditions that are inherently uncertain, open to different interpretations, place of possibilities and innovation. The edge or threshold could be a site for innovations. In densely populated areas, margins represent confrontation,” the expert said. 

In 2022/2023, Coastal Design Lab#9 will develop the project “THE CAMPUS AND THE COAST [IL CAMPUS E LA COSTA]. Living&Working,” at the Savona Campus-University of Genoa (Italy), which will address the remodelling of external public areas, the expansion of some buildings by including residential functions for students and a hostel, as well as the design of the spaces between the campus and the city.

This conference is part of the 4th year Architecture Projects course, in which this year, students are working on a new (emerging) urban campus in the Sarrià neighbourhood. The title is “The Invisible City [La Città Invisibili]” Emerging Urban Campus. During the second semester, the 4th year students of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture will have the opportunity to attend the University of Genoa.