Encarna Rodríguez, new director of the Nursing Department of UIC Barcelona

Rodríguez takes over from Dr Cristina Monforte, who becomes vice-rector of Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer and vice-rector of Academic Organisation and Teaching Staff

Since 1 September, Dr Encarna Rodríguez is the new director of the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UIC Barcelona. Rodríguez succeeds Dr Cristina Monforte, who has been in the head of the department for the last twelve years.

As the new director of the department, the primary objective of Dr Encarna Rodríguez is to continue the work defined by her predecessor to consolidate and highlight research and training in nursing leadership for the students of the Degree in Nursing. “It is one of the features that sets us apart from other universities and that brings great value to the training of our students,” explained Rodríguez. “For us, leadership is a systemic competence of learning and we concentrate on the development of emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, sensitivity to impact and influence, and teamwork. It is important to generate a commitment so that students themselves are the protagonists of their own learning process, and participatory teaching methodologies are the key to first-hand experiences the students may have”.

The simulation will also be a relevant focus of our work to sensitise students to patient safety, and this is an important feature of the entire student curriculum from first to fourth year. The new director also aims to promote the fundamental role of this methodology and to position the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences as a reference within this area. 

Career path

Nurse and doctor of Health Sciences, Dr Encarna Rodríguez began her career as a hospital nurse and after completing a research Master’s degree at UIC Barcelona, she moved into the field of teaching and research. In 2005 she joined the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UIC Barcelona as lecturer responsible for the Simulation Area, where she has promoted the development and growth of the area, which is recognised at national and international level. 

Rodríguez has also been co-director of the DECIDE Chair, focused on the lines of leadership and patient safety, areas that she will continue to develop in her new role.

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