Some 200 secondary school students take the B1-B2 English level exam at UIC Barcelona

Once again, the Department of Applied Linguistics, in a collaboration with Santillana – Richmond Publishing, is offering the B1-B2 English Certificate exam to secondary and upper-secondary school students. Part of the examinations took place this Friday morning at the Barcelona Campus of UIC Barcelona. The exam has been created by a test-writing team and is the only one on the market created specifically for this age group.

The examination consists of four parts - reading comprehension, listening, writing, and speaking. Students took the written test, which lasts just over three hours, in the Aula Magna of our university. The oral test will take place in the next few days at participating secondary schools.

Learning and getting certified in languages is essential for secondary and upper-secondary students. Higher educational institutions and the job market both demand that young people officially certify their knowledge of foreign languages.

This exam was created at UIC Barcelona as part of the Sponsored Classroom in English Language Teaching, a joint project between the Department of Applied Linguistics and Santillana - Richmond Publishing. To date, some 700 students from all over Catalonia have taken advantage of the initiative to certify their English level at UIC Barcelona.