UIC Barcelona and the Brafa Foundation launch BChampion, an app for education through sport

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, through the Faculty of Education with the previous dean, Esther Jiménez, and the Brafa Foundation, a Barcelona sports school, have launched the BChampion application that tracks the progress of each registered athlete. It is a training programme for 4- to 14-year-old athletes focused on improving 20 leadership skills that coaches can work on with each player and their parents

In fact, the testing phase of this programme started two years ago, and thanks to the good results obtained, the Brafa Foundation has decided to share it free of charge with coaches to improve the training athletes in human values.

As the current vice-rector for University Community at UIC Barcelona, Esther Jiménez says, “When I was the dean of the Faculty of Education, Brafa sports school contacted us to develop a training plan in values.” Jiménez, as an expert in leadership skills, designed BChampion’s skills plan.

And, as Ignasi Taló, director of Brafa, says, “sport can be an excellent tool to educate, but many sports institutions may not have a plan to make sure that happens.” Esther Jiménez affirms, “Sport is a very good educational tool, provided that, in addition to technique, human values are transmitted. And to that end, a training plan that adapts to the age of the children emerged.”

Thus, each age works on 20 leadership-related skills or virtues. two weeks are dedicated to each skill, with objectives for each age. The coaches will have access to all the age-adapted material, so in one course, they will have covered all the skills.

In this sense, UIC Barcelona and Brafa have joined forces with the ultimate goal of preparing young athletes to be “champions for life”, honest, generous and good professionals.

[Foto de Terrance Raper en Unsplash]