UIC Barcelona improves the classification at European level, and by dimensions, in the U-Multirank 2022

U-Multirank evaluated more than 2,200 universities in 96 countries in this ninth edition, analysing 11,605 study programmes in 30 different subjects. UIC Barcelona has improved its positioning in the dimensions of teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer and international orientation. Positioning at European level has also improved.

The indicators of this ranking are divided into 5 dimensions: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and contribution to regional development. Each indicator is classified into a specific performance rating: A (very good), B (good), C (medium), D (below average), and E (weak). This multi-dimensional ranking compares the quality of higher education institutions and does not provide a single classification, but allows users to identify the most relevant aspects by indicator.

In this 9th edition, UIC Barcelona has improved its positioning in the dimensions teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, and international orientation. It has also improved its overall positioning at European level, occupying position 121 of 1,103 European universities, according to its high number of good performance metrics, and at a national level is in 12th position of 76 Spanish universities.

U-Multirank is a project promoted and financed by the European Union, the Bertelsmann Foundation and Banco Santander, and developed by a consortium led by Dr Frans van Vught of Vuhold BV, Dr Frank Ziegele of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), and other entities that form part of the group, such as the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) and the CYD Foundation.

The results can be found here.

UIC Barcelona Statistical Data and Rankings Office aims to measure the performance of the different dimensions that make up the University through data and evidence, which allow it to be made visible such a national as international level through the social impact produced by the rankings and listings.