UIC Barcelona is ranked in the 2022 “Top 25 Spanish Universities” according to Forbes

For the first time ever, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya has been listed in the top 25 Spanish universities, in 14th place according to the Spanish edition of Forbes magazine.

In this edition, 88 universities registered by the Integrated University Information System (SIIU) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport were included, of which only 25 have classified.

The evaluation criteria for this ranking have been analysed by an international committee of experts in higher education, including Professor Hans de Wit of the School of Education and Human Development of Boston College, USA; Charles Goldman, lecturer and economist at Rand; and Jamil Salmi, specialist in higher education and advisor to over a hundred governments and universities.

The criteria are divided into 5 blocks: Price and accessibility (10%); student experience (30%); preparation for working life (30%); quality of research and teaching staff (15%) and international perspective (15%). 

Forbes based the analysis of the ranking on data from the Barometer of University Employability and Employment, data from the Observatory of University Employability and Employment, statistics and indicators from the SIIU, as well as the data collected by the universities themselves through a survey with more than 50 questions.

UIC Barcelona Statistical Data and Rankings Office aims to measure the performance of the different dimensions that make up the University through data and evidence, which allow it to be made visible such a national as international level through the social impact produced by the rankings and listings.